Reasons People are Falsely Convicted of Crimes

There are number of reasons that people find themselves jailed in prison for crimes that they did not commit. One of the main reasons that people end up in these situations is because of the phenomenon known as false confessions. False confessions are generally obtained from retarded people or either beat out of the suspect by force, as is commonly done to the descendants of African slaves here in America.

One of the third reasons that people are falsely convicted of crimes is these people that ”take cases” for loved ones so that they may avoid the harsh realities of prison life in the event that they are convicted of the crime that they are accused.

And who can blame these people? If you are a hardened criminal and new the truth of the hellhole that the prison system is, then you would probably work to prevent the physical and psychological damage that a long prison term will surely lead to.

That was really all I had to say about the whole false conviction thing. It was something on my mind that I felt the need to blog about.

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